In the supermarket of Kyiv teenager stole whiskey on 2 thousand hryvnias

In Solomenskiy district of Kiev detained 16-the summer teenager who has stolen from the supermarket 4 bottles of whiskey, worth about 2 thousand UAH. This was reported on the website of national police.

The police arrived at the supermarket on the street Vadym Hetman after the store security reported the arrest of a minor thief.

The guards said that he had noticed in the hall suspicious of a guy who looked to the shelves with expensive alcoholic drinks. After he passed the cash register area with a full backpack without paying.

The guards detained the guy and called the police. Also on the spot called the parents of the offender.

“It turned out that 16-year-old from Kiev had previously not had problems with the law. During conversation with militiamen the guy admitted to the crime and pulled out of the backpack, four bottles of whisky worth about 2000 UAH“, – stated in the message.

Police opened criminal proceedings under part 1 185 (theft) of UK of Ukraine.

Recall, January 5 in Denmark found a bottle of vodka Russo-Balt worth 1.1 million euros, which was kidnapped earlier from the bar Caf’e 33.

Earlier, in October 2017, a supermarket in Kyiv detained the man who within two days stole six bottles of whiskey with a total cost of 7000 UAH.