Democrats urged trump to impose sanctions against Russia

137 Democrats, the house of representatives sent a letter to Trump, urging him to punish Russia for meddling in the election

More than two thirds of the Democrats in the House of representatives called on President Donald trump to impose sanctions against Russia, once again demanding a reaction to the conclusions of the intelligence community about the Russian intervention in elections in 2016.

At least, 137 Democrats in the House of representatives signed a letter that urged trump to fulfill the requirements they signed law on sanctions against individuals doing business with the Russian defense and intelligence sectors.

“We strongly urge you to change course, following the recommendations of the letter and spirit of the law, and show that the security of our country and the integrity of our elections is inviolable”, – stated in the text of the letter.

Legislators are reminded that trump missed target on January 29, the deadline for the introduction of sanctions.

Members of Congress, including Republicans, have long called for the administration to punish Russia for meddling in the election, which the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan called “a destructive and systematic attack”, and to prevent possible foreign intervention in the upcoming midterm elections scheduled for November this year.

Russia denies its interference in the American election, and trump has repeatedly denied that between his approach and Moscow was any collusion. The investigation into this matter conducted by various congressional committees and spectaculorum Robert Muller, cast a shadow over the first 14 months of the presidency of the trump.

Meanwhile, democratic leaders in the Senate and House of representatives, as well as leading Democrats in the legal committees of both houses, on Monday published a letter in which he called on trump to use all the resources to extradite 13 Russian citizens who Mueller last month was charged in connection with interference in the elections.

Russian President Vladimir Putin last week said that these citizens can be prosecuted in Russia if you find that they violate the law.

The decision on sanctions against Russia can be accepted in a short time. Last week during the Senate hearing, the head of National intelligence Dan Coates stressed that the administration involved in efforts to ensure the security of elections and that the Ministry of Finance may announce sanctions against Russia already this week.