A new explosion in Austin: killed a teenager, wounded woman

The police does not exclude that we are talking about a crime of hate

Law enforcement bodies consider that the attack on Monday, a blast in Austin is linked to another explosion that occurred in the city earlier this month, and consider the version of the racial factor, since all the victims were African Americans.

On Monday morning the explosion of a bomb disguised as a parcel that killed 17-year-old boy and a woman was wounded. The explosion on 2 March killed 39-year-old man.

Shortly after police chief Brian Manley held a press conference, in which suggested communication between the two explosions, police rushed to the scene of another blast, which was badly injured a woman.

Authorities do not clarify whether in the latter case, the bomb used in the form of a parcel and whether the injured woman African-American woman as the victim of the previous two explosions. Emergency County Austin-Travis reported that the Medical center Dell-Seton entered 70-the summer woman with injuries that threaten life.

Recent explosions occurred during the festival of music, film and technology, South by Southwest, which each year attracts in Austin about 400 000 tourists. Authorities urged residents to inform the police about receiving unexpected parcels. The explosions occurred far from the main venues of the festival, which ends Sunday. The organizers of the event have not yet reported taking additional precautions.

Four years ago, a driver drove through a fence into a crowd of festival visitors, resulting in four people were killed and many were injured. Subsequently introduced additional security measures, including increased police presence, tighter security checks and increased street lighting.

Three explosions occurred in different areas of the Eastern part of Austin. The first explosion on Monday occurred at a residential building near the Park of Windsor, about 20 km from the house March 2, killing 39-year-old Anthony Stephen house. The first explosion was initially considered a suspicious death, is now investigating as murder.

The second explosion on Monday, the cause of which has yet occurred in the district Montopolis, close to the airport and about 8 miles from the first.

According to Manley, the police believe the first explosion Monday and an explosion on 2 March tied. In both cases, at the door of the victims that night was left the parcel was sent by mail or through a delivery service. The postal service has no data about a package delivered to the house where the explosion occurred Monday morning. Private delivery services, including UPS and FedEx also stated that they were not informed about the delivery.

“There are similarities, which we can not exclude that these two items were linked,” said Manley.

He added that the police had not yet established the motive of the attacks, however, it is likely that we are talking about the racial factor.

“We do not know what motive could underlie these incidents – said Manley. But we know that both the house where he was received these parcels, owned by African Americans, therefore, we cannot exclude a crime of hate. However, we also do not claim that this is the reason”.

Special agent Michelle Lee, a representative of the FBI in San Antonio, said that the Agency “responded to both incidents” and supports police in Austin, which is leading the investigation. According to her, at the Federal level, the investigation is headed by control over the circulation of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, firearms and explosives.

Manley said that near the place where the first explosion on Monday, was found second premise, therefore from the area of the incident were evacuated some residents and journalists, while authorities were checking whether it had the bomb.

The victim’s identity Monday of a teenager is not yet established. According to Manley, wounded 40-year-old woman is in the hospital.