Trump wants to make schools safer, arming teachers

However, in new statements by the White house no longer contains calls to raise the minimum age for gun buyers

The white house on Sunday promised to assist in the organization of “intensive training in the use of weapons” some school teachers, and formally supported a bill to toughen Federal checks of gun buyers. At the same time, the White house retreated from the call to raise the minimum age of buyers of certain types of weapons from 18 to 21 years, which previously was the President of Donald trump.

After the mass murder in a school in Florida in February, the President said that the Federal government will help States implement a number of steps, including training in the use of weapons of volunteers from among school staff with special qualifications. Former military and retired police propose to start a new career as teachers.

The idea of arming some teachers have met with controversy and met with strong objections from the National Association of teachers, the largest teachers ‘ lobby in the United States, as well as other organizations.

The white house announced that trump supports new laws on the reform and stricter checks of potential gun buyers that also would allow state authorities to obtain court orders for the seizure of weapons from people who may pose a threat to themselves and others.

Trump also proposes to expand programs for mental health.

Many students, who witnessed the tragedy, also urged Washington to tighten restrictions on the purchase of weapons, including increase the minimum age of buyers of certain types of weapons to 21. However, such measures met with categorical opposition from the National rifle Association (NRA).

Once in February at the school named after Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, was killed 17 people, trump raised before members of his administration, the issue of security of schools. He urged to raise the age for buyers of rifles AR-15 and similar weapons to 21.

“From the perspective of the NSA, this is not the best thing to say, but I still say it, – said trump at a meeting with legislators on February 28. – If you want to buy a gun, you will have to wait until you turn 21. But you can buy a weapon that was used in the shooting at the school if you are 18. I think we need to think about it.”

However, promulgated on Sunday, the plan does not affect the question of the age of gun buyers. A senior administration official in response to journalists ‘ questions said that “there is a debate [about age] at the state level”, and this issue will be studied by the Commission, which is headed by the Minister of education Betsy DeVos.

DeVos described the efforts of the administration, as “a pragmatic plan to significantly improve security of the schools.”

“We are determined to work fast, because time to waste, no,” she said Sunday in an interview with reporters. “No student, no family, no teacher and no school should not have to relive the horror of Parkland, or sandy hook, or Columbine,” added the Minister.

Charges in shooting at the school named after Marjory Stoneman Douglas filed a 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz, who allegedly used a rifle AR-15.

He has become a source of problems in school and several times threatened to use violence.