Trump urged to deprive cities of refuge Federal funding

In address to the nation the President gave several examples of the refusal of the authorities of States to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities

The US President Donald trump on Saturday made another appeal to the country was devoted to the work of the Immigration and customs service (its) and the issue of “cities of refuge”.

“Security and protection for the welfare of American citizens is my primary responsibility as President – began a trump. – Nevertheless, the illegal jurisdiction of refuge nullify Federal laws preventing the implementation of immigration laws and by releasing thousands of criminal aliens into American communities where they prey on innocent victims.”

The President cited a few examples.

So, according to him, the authorities in San Francisco refused its extradition of an alien who has previously been convicted of assault and accused of driving while intoxicated.

In another California city, its got a waiver for extradition of the foreigner who was sentenced for violent actions of sexual character, which also repeatedly admitted the domestic violence.

“A truly aggressive person,” said trump.

In addition, a few days ago the Mayor of Auckland has warned of criminals and foreigners about the upcoming surgery its, giving them time to scatter and hide, the President said.

“The actions of the mayor directly threatened the safety of employees of the Federal immigration authorities and law-abiding Americans in her town,” said trump.

“California is harboring dangerous criminals, made a daring and wicked attack on our constitutional system of government. Each state of our Union is subject to the laws and Constitution of the United States, including California, the President continued. – However, the leaders of California to openly defy Federal law. They don’t care about crime. They don’t care about death and murder. They don’t care about the robbery. They don’t care about those things that concern you and me.”

The following examples, which led the President, was based in new York and Denver.

“The authorities of new York have released illegal aliens who had previously been accused of… illegal possession of weapons, possession of poisons and strangling the man. In each of these cases, new York officials refused to pass on its to these dangerous illegal aliens or give advance notice of its about their release, so that they can be arrested,” explained trump.

“This week the authorities of the city of Denver refused to the request of its to give them an illegal alien and a criminal, who is accused of causing the deaths when he killed another driver in a terrible car accident and fled the scene of the accident,” the President added.

“The jurisdiction of the sanctuary is the best friends of smugglers, bandits, drug traffickers, human traffickers, murderers and others who commit violent crimes,” said trump.

“We want our cities were safe havens for Americans, and not havens for criminals. That is why I urge Congress to block funding for jurisdictions that harbour dangerous criminals,” said the American leader.

“It is time to put an end to the bloodshed, which occurs due to the reckless policies of the shelter. It’s time to save the lives of Americans and the American city,” he said.