Trump thinks Kim Jong UN is willing to take on the world

The President’s words sounded in his speech in Pennsylvania

The US President Donald trump said that he believes North Korea is ready “to settle” after the head of the North Korean regime, Kim Jong-UN expressed willingness to meet with the President of the United States.

“I think time () is now,” said trump during a Saturday political event in Pennsylvania.

Kim is “the person, armed to the teeth with missiles,” but now”, he will not launch missiles”, when is planned the unprecedented talks between the leaders of North Korea and the United States, said trump.

He added that when he will meet with Kim Jong-UN, he “immediately leave, or we’ll sit down and make the greatest agreement in the interests of the whole world.”

Trump also gave himself credit for the Winter Olympics, recently held in South Korea, saying that without those efforts to reduce the threat of nuclear attack, “that nothing would come out”.

“It’s hard to sell tickets if you think you can come down a nuclear strike”, – said the President.

In his speech, which lasted 75 minutes, trump touched on a number of issues, emphasizing the importance of the proposal on the meeting nominated the North Korean leader.

“They say that (former President Barack) Obama could do. Believe me, he wouldn’t have done it. Among other things, (former President George W.) Bush and (former President bill) Clinton was able to do it. All could do. Obama could do it. Obama had the chance”, – the President said trump.

Departing from the White house to Pennsylvania, trump told reporters: “I think it will be something very successful. We have a great support.”