Trump: the United States will crush Russia’s attempts to disrupt the November elections

Analysts are concerned about the state of us-Russian relations

The US President Donald trump said that the us authorities are ready to oppose any intervention in US elections in 2018 and 2020. But in what may be the American counter-attack, and vulnerable is the Russian political system for the same attacks, which occurred during the US elections in 2016? What does this mean for U.S.-Russian relations?

President trump still not ready to impose on Russia the blame for interfering in American elections.

“The Russians had no impact on our vote. But the intervention was definitely, and probably was the interference of other countries and, perhaps, other people”, – said the President.

At the same time, trump said that his administration is ready to resist to any attempts of interference in the mid-term elections in 2018 to Congress.

“We do not say, – said the President of the United States. We conduct very serious research, and I think we will make very serious proposals about the election of 2018. I think we will get good results in the elections of 2018, although historically those who are in the White house, get the results are somewhat lower.”

Analysts, however, warn that Russia has never given up its attempts to interfere in American politics and attempts to influence it. Senior researcher at the Center for European policy analysis Janusz Bugajski believes that in 2018 Russia will make a new attempt and will focus on work in social networks.

“They showed incredible penetration in local networks such as Facebook, turning it into a “Facbook”, in other social networks when they spread this information when they urge people to support certain candidates or oppose others, or make some division in the society. Russia continues to do it,” says Bugajski.

According to Bugajski, literary USA must remain vigilant and be ready to attack if necessary. According to him, Russia may be more vulnerable to destabilization through the political system than the United States.

“We are a cohesive, well-protected democracy, – emphasizes the analyst. – Russia – a totalitarian system, but it is very cruel and could fall apart. We can send a very powerful signal – what if they come back to us, we can hurt them in the information space much more than they (us).”

Others argue, however, that increased suspicion between the two countries and mutual threats will not benefit the already strained relations between the U.S. and Russia.

“This is a very detrimental: (a) for the bilateral relations between the two countries and (b) for the already low level of trust between the two countries”, – said the Secretary General of the OSCE Thomas Greminger

The Director of national intelligence Dan Coates said the Senate intelligence Committee that Russia sees the midterm elections as a “potential target for influence operations”. At the same time, he warned that China, North Korea and Iran also pose a serious threat to American democracy.