Trump has accused Democrats of delaying the approval of candidates for positions in the government

The President also accused the media of bias when publishing the results of opinion polls

The US President Donald trump on Sunday again attacked two the favorite object of his criticism of Democrats and the media.

In a series of comments on Twitter, the President said that democratic lawmakers continue to obstruct the adoption of hundreds of worthy and gifted people who need to take a seat in the US government. According to trump, the record for the number of remaining vacancies has beaten the state Department.

“Ambassadors and many others pass (approval) slowly, – said the President. – Senate must approve (candidates) now!”.

However, during the thirteen months of his presidency, trump has not offered candidates for some key posts, including as Ambassador to South Korea, although he agreed to meet until the beginning of may with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN and to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. In addition, the state Department has been a wave of resignations, and Secretary Rex Tillerson and did not fill some important jobs.

Trump has complained that the national media in their submissions on the public opinion polls show “somewhat low” approval ratings of the President and do not attach importance to the poll leaning towards Republicans sociological service Rasmussen Reports that shows a rating of “around 50 percent”.

“They know they are lying when they say it. Turn off these programs is a fake news,” said trump.

A Rasmussen survey showed that 54 percent of voters disapprove of the President, while 44 percent approve. It’s not much better than the Real Clear Politics poll, according to which negative rating trump is 53.7 percent, and the positive – 40.9 percent.

Trump said that the media did not report that Republicans won “five victories and never suffered a single defeat” at the extraordinary elections to the House of representatives, which took place since he took office. In fact, the one defeat they suffered: the Democrats won the election to the Senate in Alabama for the first time in 25 years.

Trump also criticized the publication in “the failed New York Times” about what he thinks about hiring another lawyer, to strengthen its position in the framework of criminal investigations into the possible collusion between his campaign staff and Russia for the sake of victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. The President called one of the authors of the publication, Maggie Haberman, “echoing Hillary who doesn’t know anything [about it] and does not have access (to information)”.