Putin has unveiled the heroism of the Russian special forces

Vladimir Putin spoke about the heroism of corporal Denis Portnyagina, which in an unequal battle with the terrorists in Syria were ready to blow themselves up, so as not to be captured. The President of Russia told in the film, journalist Andrei Kondrashov “Putin”, which is posted on YouTube Sunday, March 11.

“16 August 2017 not only did he repel the attack of terrorists. There were a total of four or five people — a group of forces of the special operation, which was engaged in the fire of our aircraft. A sudden attack of militants, the regular army withdrew some units of the Syrian army — our left. Took this fight,” — said Putin.

“And when there was a danger of their capture, captivity, he was just ready to undermine, not to fall into the hands of militants. Moreover, another fire caused the almost, and gave exact instructions. Mortar fire our gunners managed to cut off the bandits, then the air force is still struck, and then they were approached by another group of the RAID, and all brought”, — the President added.

28 Dec 2017 lance of special operations Forces Denis Portnyagin received from the hands of the President medal “gold Star” — insignia of the title of hero of Russia. Later, the defense Ministry announced that it was awarded for performing specific spetszadach. “To say more until I can’t,” then added, an unnamed representative of the Ministry.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!