Mei said Skripal was poisoned with a substance developed in Russia

LONDON, March 12 — RIA Novosti. Former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia was poisoned with a drug “developed by Russia.” This was stated by Prime-Minister Theresa may.

“He is in the group of nerve agents known as Novichok — said the politician. According to her, data are based on the positive response of the samples.

“Either it was about the direct effect of the Russian state against our country. Or the Russian government lost control of a potentially catastrophically dangerous nerve substance and allowed it to fall into the wrong hands,” she said.

According to may, the Minister of foreign Affairs summoned the Russian Ambassador and asked him to explain which of the options took place. The Ambassador said that Russia should reveal the program is “Beginner”.

She also recalled the measures taken by the United Kingdom after the poisoning of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko in 2006. Then the country was expelled Russian diplomats and suspended intelligence cooperation. “Britain is ready to take much more serious measures against Russia”, — said the Prime Minister, explaining that the question of maintaining a normal relationship is not worth it.

Mei added that if Moscow does not give “credible” response, London will equate it to an act of unlawful use of force against the country.
“New tales”

The Russian foreign Ministry, the Prime Minister called “a circus show in the British Parliament.” “The conclusion is obvious: the next information and political campaign based on provocation”, — said the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Before writing new stories, let someone in the Kingdom will tell what the outcome of the previous case — Pro (ex-FSB officer Alexander) Litvinenko (tycoon Boris) Berezovsky (businessman Alexander) Perepilichny and many others who mysteriously died on British soil”, she added.

According to first Deputy head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Vladimir dzhabarov, the provocation with the poisoning of a former intelligence officer could commit the intelligence agencies of Britain or of third countries to accuse and denigrate Russia. He stressed that to accuse Russia, which itself gave Skripal UK — “complete nonsense”, and at the time of the incident, “the perpetrator has already been appointed”.

Dzhabarov added that the provocation could have to cause discontent of the Russian citizens before the presidential election. The Senator stressed that “this is an absolutely unfounded accusation, let them prove, to present at least some facts, but facts “guilt” of Russia and never will be”.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense Evgeny Serebrennikov believes that the statement may may increase tensions between the two countries. “This show is aimed at the next rising tension between Moscow and London and is able to achieve its goal,” he said.
Poisoning Skripal

March 5, police reported that two people are in critical condition due to poisoning by an unknown substance, later it became known that it was about a former GRU Colonel and his daughter. Scotland Yard announced on 7 March that he was “attempted murder with use of a nerve agent”. From poisoning by the same substance was also injured COP Nick Bailey.

Practically in the first days after the incident, the British media saw in PE “Russian trace”. During the week, despite the fact that the official authorities urged to refrain from speculation and do not give any evidence linking the poisoning of Russia, media have developed the theme of Moscow’s involvement in the incident. Moscow has called these rumors are propaganda.

Skripal was granted asylum in Britain after an exchange of spies between Russia and the United States in 2010, when Russia gave ten people, including Anna Chapman.