Jewish scientist proves that the main provisions of the Kabbalah correspond to the scientific view of the universe

Moscow. March 12. INTERFAX – Writer and physicist Eduard Shifrin in his new book “From eternity to man” provides evidence that the basic situation of Judaism and of the Kabbalah correspond to the scientific approach to the universe.

“Don’t fear scientific thinking, do not be afraid that suddenly science “proves that the Torah has mistakes.” Science is also a part of God, it can and should help to reveal Divinity in the world,” wrote the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, in his Preface to the book of the scientist.

Presentation of new books was held on Saturday in the synagogue near Moscow Zhukovka.

“My memory was nothing like that, never published a book. (…) You will learn a lot not only about Judaism and Kabbalah, but also quantum physics. This is a unique work in the whole array of Judaism, it has a tremendous future and great prospects,” – said at the presentation of the President of the FJCR Alexander Beard.

The book tells about the problem of the destiny of the human soul in the modern world from the point of view of Judaism and Kabbalah and at the same time from the point of view of modern information theory, classical and quantum physics.

The book is already translated into English and ready for publication. Subsequently it is planned to translate it into Hebrew. According to the author, he wrote the book for two weeks, but bore her plan for five years.

E. Shifrin shows that, despite popular viewpoint on the opposites of science and religion, the main provisions of the Kabbalah coincide with the scientific view of the universe. For example, modern science is gradually coming to the conclusion that the basis we attain reality are not matter and energy, and information, as evidenced by the Kabbalah.

The author emphasizes that religious and scientific knowledge complement each other, and only believers, have knowledge, be able to complete the creation and to make our world a home for God. He also notes that the scientific approach to the Torah allows us to look at the contents of the sacred texts from a different angle and discover new meanings of Torah.

E. Shifrin was born in 1960 in Dnepropetrovsk. Co-author of the fundamental textbook “Theory of metallurgical processes”.