In Azerbaijan the bus with students got in an accident

BAKU, March 11 — RIA Novosti. Minibus with students was involved in a traffic accident in Azerbaijan, 19 people injured, two are in serious condition, said on Sunday Sputnik Azerbaijan.

“As a result of a collision this morning on the territory of Yevlakh district of the minibus brand “Vito” who take 9-graders at the graduation exams with the car “GAZ-53″,, 19 people injured. They are all students born in 2003”, — reports the Agency.

It is clarified that 14 of the victims placed in the Central hospital of Yevlakh.

“Eight of them were released after first aid for minor wounds. Recorded at six different injuries, and they continue treatment. Five people placed in the Central clinical hospital of Mingachevir. The condition of two is estimated as heavy. In the next few hours they will be transported to the Baku hospital”, — stated in the message.