“He hit me in square in the face”

The 18-year-old was celebrating the end of his high school studies at Victor Harbor, south of Adelaide, when he was attacked by Filip Manevski-Radin in a dance party.

“He came to me and looked me straight in the eyes. And it hit me, like, square in the face,” Ms Powell told Nine News.

Filip Manevski-Radin hit the victim without provocation.

She was dancing with her boyfriend when Manevski-Radin and another man approached the couple, without any warning and hit her.

The disgusting act was caught on camera and shows a close-fisted Manevski-Radin blow Ms Powell in the face, before being pushed back by other party-goers.

“I fell to the ground next to me, screaming, holding my lip. He was bleeding. And then everyone was around me,” Ms Powell said.

The victim was relieved when Manevski-Radin pleaded guilty to the assault. But that relief turned to anguish when the judge ruled that it would only have to pay a fine of $600 fine and avoid a criminal conviction.

Brittany Powell was outraged when Manevski-Radin I have a $600 fine.

“$600? I feel that you get a speeding fine, more than that,” said mrs. Powell, the mother of Gina, who as she supports her daughter in the interview.

“I’ll probably pay that in physios and psychologists,” Ms Powell said. “It is as if you are just going to suffer for this.”

During the procedure, the justice of the peace heard positive character references for Manevski-Radin was described as “a decent kind of person”.

Despite requests by Ms Powell and her mother, the question he looked again, South Australia, the Police will not take further action.One-punch attacks: How lethal are they?1:04

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