From the Ukrainian boarding an American prize-winners of Paralympic games: the Story of Oksana masters

The Olympics gathers the strongest athletes in the world, and the Paralympic games – the strong spirit of humanity. Born in the Ukrainian American Oksana masters is one of the medalists of the Paralympics 2018 in Pyeongchang. And this is her fourth consecutive tournament.

Oksana was born in 1989 in Kiev. Birth defects (legs of different lengths, fused fingers and one kidney) caused the failure of the parents and start wandering through orphanages. In 1997, after two years of bureaucracy American Gay masters adopted Oksana and transported to the United States.

After moving to Oksana was hit by another sad news – left foot no longer cope with the growing weight of girls and it had to be amputated. Soon, 9-year-old masters for the first time trying on the prosthesis, which quite quickly got used and a month later began to actively spend time: skate, play badminton and volleyball.

13 years old Oksana survived the amputation and right leg. Before that, the masters family moved to Louisville (Kentucky). There the girl was engaged in rowing. And in sports, the masters was a success. After several years of training in the team of Oksana started thinking about the Paralympics.

Arriving in London in 2012, the masters paired with Rob Jones took bronze. But back in the States, revealed a new problem – back problems. With rowing had to finish. The coaching staff of the national Paralympic team know about it and suggested to change the sport. So in the life of Oksana appeared skiing and a trip to the Paralympics in Sochi, where Oksana was added to his collection of silver in the ski race for 12 km and a bronze in race on 5 km. Adding to them the fourth place in the biathlon and ski sprint.

Enthusiasm Oksana finished her summary still Cycling and she went to the tournament in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. And now at the Paralympics in Pyeongchang masters won two more medals – silver in the biathlon sprint and a bronze in skiing.

In 2015, Oksana masters, world-famous Paralympic athlete, visited his native Ukraine. As part of the U.S. delegation, she visited wounded soldiers in the hospital. To see the example of such unprecedented strength of the human spirit is the best example to follow. And a great incentive to deal with any trouble.