Can of Coca-cola Zero brings a man undone

Craig Adam Woodrow, who has a 17-page criminal history, was denied bail in Gladstone Magistrates Court at the beginning of this week about the March 5 incident, which took place in Clinton, Gladstone.

The court was informed of the officers responding to reports of a theft in the office found Mr. Woodrow under the table after you detect a can of Coke Zero sitting on top of it, the Gladstone Observer reports.

When asked what he was doing in the building, the court heard that he told them that “he had walked in to take a look, take a look”.

He then told the officers that they had gotten the drink “from the inside of the building.”

The police prosecutor Balan Selvadurai, said another officer was also found to be damaged flyscreen on a window in the rear of the building.

Mr. Woodrow also is facing a charge of burglary after he allegedly was found by a witness in the courtyard behind Bob Jane T-Marts Gladstone on another occasion.

He allegedly told the witness he was “in search of a irregular size of the tires,” then left the premises as the witness began to call the police.

Mr. Woodrow’s defense attorney Rio Ramos acknowledged the strength of the Crown’s case, but said any alleged infringer in the plane of the local was “possibly in the lower end of the scale”.

“He wasn’t breaking anything, he wasn’t stealing anything,” she said.

She said that he was willing to inform the police five days a week, and not to enter or approach business.

However, the Magistrate Melanie Ho refused bail on the basis there was an unacceptable risk Mr Woodrow was going to commit a crime, also citing the risk that he would contact the witnesses in the matter.

The case was postponed until April 9, with Mr. Woodrow set to appear via a video link.

The can of Coca-cola Zero has been seized by police for forensic examination.

This originally appeared in the Gladstone Observer and is reprinted here with permission.