Liz Hurley, the nephew of in ‘brutal’ stabbing

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Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley 21-year-old nephew is in the hospital after having been stabbed several times in the back.

Hurley has confirmed the “brutal” attack on his Twitter account, saying that it is a “terrible” time for the family.

The met Police could not confirm the identity of the victim, but it has been widely reported to be Miles Hurley, who is also a model.

The Police believe a group of men get out of a vehicle in the south-west of London and assaulted two men before fleeing.

Officers were called Thursday to Ascalon Street, close to Battersea Park, 20:52 GMT following reports of a stabbing.

London Ambulance Service took the two men in the south of London, to the hospital, where they were treated for stab.

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The second man, also believed to be 21 years of age, has been freed, but the other victim, believed to be Mr Hurley, is still undergoing treatment.

The Police said that his condition is not life-threatening or life-changing.

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In an Instagram post, Hurley said that his nephew had lost over four pints of blood in the attack.

“A police officer was patrolling nearby and administered first aid until the arrival of the ambulance,” she wrote. “The deepest wound just forgot to cut his spine.

“Miraculously, no vital organs were damaged. We pray that these animals are caught before they maim, or even kill someone else. These are days of sorrow.”

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No arrest has yet been made and Wandsworth detectives continue to investigate.

Estee Lauder ambassador has already done part of Mr. Hurley modeling photos, tweeting: “Here is my beautiful nephew.”