“That terrorized the other tenants in the building”

Owner Clear Carmichael said she immediately recognized the woman, who had thick Irish accents, as the former tenants stayed in their properties.

She told Seven News that left a trail of destruction as they fled the property in the middle of the night, including leaving holes in the walls and the clogging of a toilet with potatoes.

“It was not written on the wall, the damage was just immense,” he said. “They also terrorized the other tenants in the building. The people were afraid to get in and out.”

He also allegedly sent abusive text messages. “People do not know how to manage a business,” it reads.

This new property that was allegedly destroyed by the women themselves. Source: Seven News.

A Brisbane homeowner claims that the Irish posse left holes in your walls. Source: Seven News.

“Stupid Aussie pieces of s**t,” said another.

Ms Carmichael believes that this is the same group that has been accused of stealing from small businesses and skip the draft law on the market of restaurants.

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Earlier this week, the owner of a Brisbane grocery store claimed the woman had stolen at least $100 value of the purchase from your store.

He also said that, far from being cash strapped, one of the women had “bundles of $50 notes in their bra”.

The “bustling” posse, often with children in tow, have also been linked with the theft of the face to the heels of a luxury goods store.

Mothers have also been accused of defrauding Brisbane restaurants. Source: Seven News.

Alleged theft at the Chevron Island Spar, Gold Coast. Source: Seven News.

A group of mothers in an occasion supposedly put glass in their meals.

It also reports that “ran out of control” in the restaurants and cafes as part of the ploy to get the personal, at the end of their tethers, to leave them outside of the law.

In one case, he allegedly placed the glass in a meal and then demanding a refund.

On Thursday, the Queensland Police, told the news.com.au suspected of much more firms who had previously come forward had been affected by the alleged fraudsters who, it is alleged, have offset feeds free, alcohol and cigarettes.