Putin speculate about a successor

Russian President Vladimir Putin called nonsense the opinion of American experts about the fact that after the resignation of the head of state he is in danger. He stated this in an interview on NBC. The transcript of the conversation published on the Kremlin website on Saturday, March 10.

“Why do you think that after me to the authorities in Russia must come to the people who will be ready to destroy all that I have done in recent years? Perhaps, on the contrary, it will be people who want to strengthen Russia, to create for her future is to create a development platform for the next generations”, — said the President.

He also expressed confidence that the U.S. is interested in stability and prosperity of Russia.

On the question of a possible successor to the Russian leader responded that he thinks about it since 2000. “To think is not bad, but in the end the choice will still be for the Russian people. Still, I sympathize with someone or, on the contrary, I don’t like someone, candidates will come to the polls, and ultimately the final decision will be taken by citizens of the Russian Federation”, — said Putin.

Also in an interview with NBC President of Russia again commented on the US charges of meddling in American elections and stated that the USA is constantly interfering in the electoral processes in Russia.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!