Putin commented on the photo riding a bear

Russian President Vladimir Putin jokingly complained that his photos in the workplace interested in less than pictures, in which he is depicted bare-chested. He said this during an interview with NBC News, reports TASS.

Answering the question how to take a picture of him on horseback shirtless, the Russian leader said that he relaxes in a similar way. “In many other pictures I captured during the operation, but no one is interested”, — he said with a smile.

“I saw a photo on which I’m riding, riding a bear, the President added. But I have never rode a bear. But these pictures are.”

March 7 in social networks was posted by the film “the 2018 world Order”, which included footage of the meeting of Putin with a brown bear while relaxing in one of the Russian regions. The animal walked in the water, while the President went fishing.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!