McLaren BP23 hyper-GT-top-speed “exceed 243mph’

McLaren says that his forthcoming three-seat hypercar, with the code name “BP23”, is the fastest McLaren ever with a top speed of 243mph – the-point “it will still accelerate”. The car will be revealed before the end of the year.

In 1998, the previous three-seat McLaren F1 was the world’s fastest production car, when Le Mans-winner (and now Bugatti test driver) Andy Wallace took the F1 to Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany, at 242mph, which managed the 231mph, the F1 in 1993 on the Nardo high-speed bowl in Italy.

The modified 720S (in the image) is the development mule for the three-seat-BP23 (which stands for tailor-made project-two, three-seater), the power, the outdo far the F1’s 627bhp. McLaren’s ultimate series-in-chief Andy Palmer (not) says to move the BP23 advanced aerodynamics “really things, from an acceleration perspective.” Only 106 BP23s be built, if the car goes on sale in 2019, but McLaren is important to emphasize that his focus is not on the track. As the track-friendly Senna-Ultimate Series model, however, will McLaren traditional alpha avoid numeric names for a full name.

“It is very powerful, more powerful than the [986bhp] P1 GTR,” McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt told Autocar at the Geneva auto salon. It also confirmed the car was “a long way”, the road, in terms of development, the centre-seat mule tested for several months. Flewitt added, the car would be “easier than in a F1” and “feels natural” when you are driving it.

The BP23 have a hybrid powertrain, the performance of the twin-Turbo V8 engine on wide levels, and it also needs significant changes to its carbon fiber passenger cell – the Palmer describes only as “different” to the 720S – can comfortably accommodate three occupants.

Those with the power levels and the predicted high speeds, but not without complications. Andy Palmer admits McLaren is “pretty much at the limit of what the tyres, as well as other systems that can do that”. The realities of the regularly close to running at speeds of – or perhaps beyond – 250mph is a significant step forward from the 200 mph of a tire, the energy and aerodynamic perspective. Palmer already showed that the target of this car is “the customer type, is the ability to have a high level of luxury, tailor-made elements on the car, high-performance, high-speed very much the way-focused grand tourer”.

“The center seat is a great thing,” Palmer told Autocar. “The attraction is not only the driving position, but you can have two passengers and Luggage on a long trip. I used to sit in the back and it is not to be a bad place.

“The technology has evolved, especially in carbon, and in our hot tub, and a mono-cell, and how we construct space for three seats. It’s not without compromise, it sits in the rear of a Mercedes S-class, but it is not a huddled or narrow space.” Palmer and his colleagues say that the entrance and exit to the BP23 is far easier than it is in F1 also. Cameras could increase the level of visibility to multiply, without compromising the aerodynamics.

Another McLaren-a headache, though, is the decision where the conclusion of the BP23 high speed runs, which was already planned, was in the process of development. With the VW Ehra-Lessien test track – which has a five-mile main road straight ahead, you can choose from a curved curve in a easy three – digit amount of speed is out of the question 20 years from the F1, VW competing brands and it is to prove where the Bugatti Chiron will eventually, its maximum speed

High-speed test track ‘shells’, meanwhile, even as the, the prevent in Nardo, scrubbed 10 mph, the formula 1 pace cars of the BP23 potential to reach the top speed. Palmer says that he “wants to run on Asphalt”, but, in addition, some of the world’s longest runways, or some road race events in which the safety of the driver to a Problem, should something go wrong, McLaren perhaps even views of the salt flats, the Bonneville. There, too, although the tires are a Problem, due to the lower level of grip. And while Bugatti Ehra-Lessien for a number of customer events, McLaren will have to think about where the 106 BP23 buyer experience close to your car, the full potential can.

The re-birth of a three-seat McLaren emerged, which could be decided with a single request of the customer, the McLaren, in a limited series. Some 106 cars have been confirmed and were all sold around £2 million per piece, in front of the visiting McLaren Special Operations for tailor-made options. In contrast to Senna, or the P1 – the way is more biased title as the BP23 grand tourer – we do not expect a GTR version.

Interesting Flewitt, said: “It would be fascinating to do, middle seat track car. It would be Ideal to do on a track, and lighter than you have all kinds of laws on the road. It is not planned, or been asked; we do not plan to, but it is thought to have been. I’m not surprised that someone asked MSO.”

If you are the lap times are not the way McLaren the BP23 measures the performance (and you not), which makes the acceleration or top speed than the other two measures, the BP23 be McLaren, the fastest ever. Palmer will not be pulled on the power outputs or even the powertrain characteristics, a high increase in the development of the 720S s 4.0-Liter V8 engine is expected, complemented by a hybrid system, whose primary task will be to eliminate turbo lag.

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