Biggest stories, the 2018 at the Geneva auto salon

The Geneva auto salon had a good year, with some of the most important cars of the decade, let alone year, what are symptoms of a appearance in addition to cutting-edge Hyper-cars, long-standing icons and a surprise.

Take a look at the top stories caught their collective eye this week.

The 10 biggest stories of the Geneva motor show

1 – Range Rover SV coupe

Controversial cars were a theme this year, and Land Rover’s £240,000 two-door Range Rover SV coupe on the lot.

Only 999 bad news – for those of you who read the story, because you want to, but good news for those who read the story and were appalled by the opinion-splitting-coupe.

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2 – Toyota-Auris

Another British built car, just the top missed a spot under Autocar readers – the Toyota Auris. In fact, it is better than Toyota “other” Geneva motor, the GR-Supra-Racing-concept.

Whether the Auris drives the striking new look, or your ditching of diesel, managed to court attention like few others could get away from the show, although he is one of the most useful models on display.

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3 – the Mercedes-AMG GT 4dr coupe

Affalterbach-rival for the Porsche Panamera predictably popular with Autocar reader and, with a 630bhp 4.0-Liter V8 under the hood, in the mid-range form (a hybrid with more than 800bhp comes later), it is hardly a surprise.

The pricing is tipped to start at £85,000, so that the deep pocketed among you who do not want to question the car’s similarity with the CLS, maybe start with the save.

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4 – VW beetle-not to be replaced

In fourth place is a car that was neither in the show, announced that there is – quite the opposite, in fact, as the Volkswagen brand boss, Herbert Diess confirmed that the beetle in a third generation.

It will, instead, indirectly replaced by the ID of Buzz, which is due in 2022, and revived the long-awaited minivan bodystyle, at the expense of VW, the current heritage model. Aww.

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5 – Audi E-tron

Audi has not revealed the E-Tron in Geneva, but it has everything to steal in his power, the Jaguar I-Pace ‘ s thunder. A car was on its stand, Yes, but the brand has lifted the lid for a minute at a time, in the form of sporadic points during the day, revealing a car covered in camouflage.

So Audi can be a popularity contest in Geneva – I won-Tempo two places is down, but Jaguar car arrives in showrooms in the summer months, before the E-tron-the beginning of 2019 as the date of sale. The 1-1 for now, then. Our actuators you will find a winner.

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6 – Mercedes-Benz A-Class Prices

The A-class was revealed, to reveal long before the Geneva, however, Mercedes chose the eve of the show, pricing for its new hatch – £25,800, to be exact.

As the fifth best-selling car in the UK this year so far, it is not surprising that a story about the price was the design of the new model as well, even if the image is in the A-class over key rivals.

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7 – Jaguar I-Tempo Driven

As one of the most hotly anticipated cars of the Geneva motor show this year, our short drive in the Jaguar I-pace is expected to be one of the most-read stories.

For us, the I-Pace in both the urban as well as cross-continental travel feels like a Jaguar, is capable of. It handles, drives good, promising and uncompromising feels largely compared with the electrical discharges of other cars.

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8 – Ford Mustang Bullitt

Another, less conventional show star, this story was merely the announcement that the Bullitt would go on sale in Europe and the UK. The actual car was unveiled at the Detroit motor show months.

Clearly, this strategy worked – the Bullitt announcement increased a storm of the night before the doors opened, and continued to be a strong favorite as the show has progressed.

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9 – Mercedes-C43 AMG facelift

The best-selling sedan in the UK just got a facelift, as well as the warm version, the C43. The C43 now 385bhp from its 3.0-Liter V6 engine gets, along with subtle styling and some less subtle, refreshed, exhausted.

The 0-62mph sprint remains at 4.7 sec for the saloon and 4.8 seconds for the farm, both with an electronically-limited 155mph top speed.

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10 – BMW M8 Gran coupe

For more reviews battle had a clear winner – the Mercedes-AMG GT 4dr coupe won in this. But the M8 Gran coupe is at the moment only a concept.

The production car is due in the second half of 2019, with rivals, the new AMG vehicle, the Bentley Continental GT,.

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…and finally:

Geneva motor show: Live updates and a gallery

Because you can not show beat a bit of live action directly from the engine, our live blog and the gallery was by far the most-read, what Geneva this year.

It is still present, though not live, obviously – to take a different role, to see how the events of the show unfolded.

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