Trump and Congress: the debate about rates continues

Republicans in Congress are afraid of a trade war

Announced by President trump’s plan to introduce a twenty-five-percentage duty on import of steel and ten percent – on imports of aluminium has criticized his party-the Republicans in Congress. Many are concerned that these measures could trigger a trade war, which can hurt American businesses.

However, the President has supporters – particularly some Senate Democrats representing States where voters Express strong dissatisfaction with the long decline in the number of jobs in the manufacturing sector.

This measure is long overdue and too late considers, for example, Sherrod brown – democratic Senator from Ohio.

American trade unions also expressed support for the plan of trump.

Economists for the most part relate to the offer of the President is critical, stressing that its implementation will bring harm to American manufacturers, as some of them can, in turn, become the target of protectionist measures on the part of foreign partners.

Finally, one of the consequences of intentions trump was the resignation of his economic adviser, Gary Cohn.

The head of the Republican majority in the Senate Mitch McConnell and the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan thanked President his concern, urging him to impose tariffs only in trade with specific countries in order to avoid a trade war.

As emphasized by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, the administration of the trade war aims.

During a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Sweden President, trump said that for concern in this case was not warranted.

“When we support every country, in trade wars, there is nothing wrong,” said the President.