Triple Zero call, and then mom accused of murdering her young son

The 41-year-old woman has been charged over the murder of the eight-year-old boy in the Mornington Peninsula suburb of Tootgarook on Thursday.

The mother, who cannot be named, called the police at about 1.30 pm, but the boy was dead at the time of the arrival of the police.

“It is estimated that the two parties are known to each other”, police said in a press release.

The police are still trying to reach all of the boy’s parents to tell them of the tragedy. The mother appeared in a closed-sessions court hearing late last night and was refused bail.

She appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates Court again this morning and did not apply for bail.

The court heard, she was taking antidepressants. She had brown, shoulder-length hair and had his head down, while in the court.

She will appear in court again via videolink on the 29th of June.

Police are investigating the death of an eight-year-old in Tootgarook. Photo: Mark Stewart

Police are investigating the death of an eight-year-old in Tootgarook. Photo: Mark Stewart

Photos of the scene to Alma St to show the house cordoned off, while staff forensic review carefully the elements inside and on the property, including the mailbox and a garbage can.

The house has been put up for sale last month with an asking price of $550,000 to what has been said to be a “perfect vacation getaway”.

“Located about 700m from the sandy beach and the sparkling waters of Port Phillip Bay, this original beach house is the ideal place for a holiday getaway or a great investment,” the announcement reads.

The photos of the real estate site that had the property to show the interior of the three bedroom house a short walk from the beach. The kitchen is old, but clean. It has two bedrooms at the front of the house and a large living room and dining room. A third bedroom at the rear of the house gives on to an enclosed terrace. At the front, a child’s trampoline was closed behind the police tape.

The kitchen leads to a third bedroom to the rear of the house.

97 Alma St, Tootgarook sold in the last month or two.

The house has a large garden. au includes the property has been withdrawn from sale following the boy’s death. It is also understood that the family was renting the house.

Shocked neighbours said the family had just moved with two children are often seen playing.

“She is very nice lady and she always says “Hello”,” a neighbour told the Herald Sun. “My partner cut the grass on their nature strip the other day. It is scary, scary, for that to happen in our street.”

The street is mostly occupied by young families, who vacation there and the retirees who have settled on the water.

A young woman whose family owned a vacation home in the street, said the au, she couldn’t believe something like this could happen in such a peaceful place.

“I don’t know the family personally, but I can absolutely tell you that Tootgarook is a beautiful, happy domain in which a lot of young families to visit and live,” the woman, who did not wish to be named, said.

“To have something tragic happen is really unfortunate.”

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