The scams, the moms may have now hit the Gold Coast

The owner of a grocery store, has supported the “attractive” women taken at least 100 dollars worth of groceries. He also said that, far from being short of liquidity, one of the women had “wads of $50 notes in their bra”.

The brazen alleged theft of a supermarket, Chevron Island, near Surfers Paradise, has been linked to the invasions of the moms who are said to have scammed hundreds of dollars of food and wine from restaurants and cafés, and “trashing” the local in the process.

“Rowdy” posse, often with children, have also been linked to the theft of expensive heels from luxury goods store.

The police is investigating whether the group, all with broad Irish accents, it is attached to a man who was arrested recently accused of similar scams that then failed to prove in court. Channel 7 said that the man had a history of fraud in Ireland.

The group Chevron Island Spar supermarket. It is assumed that left without paying about $150 of groceries.

CCTV footage from the Spar supermarket on Chevron Island seems to show a group of women browsing the aisles. But rather than the food going in the basket is dropped into large bags.

A woman, with hair dyed blonde and wearing a summer dress, can be seen returning items to the basket it seems, when a staff member is seen in the closing. However, apparently, not all the products have been paid for.

The shop owner, identified as Nash, he told Brisbane radio station Hit 105 s Stav, Abby and Matt who immediately had the suspicion it was not right when he entered the shop, as noted in similar stings, Irish-accented groups when he lived in the UNITED kingdom.

“I knew something was when these ladies came in and a gentleman was outside in the Ute.

“I went running to the front to watch it and are just out to fill their bags and get lot of food baskets,” said Nash.

But when it came to pay there was very little in their baskets.

“It is said, in substance, this is what I had. I said: “I need to see you bags” and I saw all this other stuff in there and said, ‘I’ll pay for all this separately.”

CCTV footage appears to show a woman returning items in the handbag in the basket.

However, the Spar owner said that the woman was able to thread via $100 to produce more than eight trays of beef.

“They were attractive girls who wear the designer stuff. One of them had a wad of $50 notes in her bra, 20 or 30 of them, and the other, the spread of $50 notes over the counter, while she was paying me.”

Nash said he Hit 105 group apparently had the concern not to pay. “They had the money, but they wanted to do this.”

He was worried that the small store owners were powerless they were in the minority: “If one of the girls in trouble, the other girls in the gang, and then the guy will come and someone could end up in big trouble.”

On Thursday, Queensland Police said that they suspected far more firms that previously had done next had been affected by the alleged fraudsters who, he claimed, have fruity free feeds, alcohol and cigarettes.

The theft posse reportedly “ran amok” in restaurants and cafes, and as part of a ploy to get personal, at the end of their attacks, to allow them to discount.

In one case, have also been accused of putting glass in a meal and then asking for a refund.

It is thought that at least six companies in Brisbane’s CBD and the neighbouring suburbs of Spring Hill and Fortitude Valley have also been targeted by the gang last week.

In an angry Facebook post of Monday, Marie Yokoyama from the Bird’s Nest restaurant in Fortitude Valley, explained how the women have begun to get a power connection.

“They are a group of about seven to four children and three women — and are incredibly rude. They came in and completely destroyed the restaurant.

The Gold Coast supermarket incident was connected to a group of moms in Brisbane.

“Halfway through the meal, a lady started screaming that there was glass in her food and that his mouth was bleeding. I believed her and then asked to see the glass.

“Upon inspection I knew that this had not come from our restaurant, but they were relentless.

“I was so terrified of them that I made their meals and free drinks — about $180 (a) value.”

Luke Purnell, a staff member at the nearby The Rattler pub, said that he has helped remove the curse the crowd.

“They were running amok trashing the place, complaining of glass in the food.”

It was alleged that the group planted in a glass of food in restaurants to get a power connection.

“They were very noisy, very drunk, you could say that we were in all day.”

It seems that the incident was not a one-off with the pubs and coffee shops also saying that you had stumbled into a similar group of women with the accents of the Irish, accompanied by abnormal behavior in children.

To Fortitude Valley and the CBD, three pubs is said to have been targeted. A member of staff in one of those places, Mick O’malley, said to the was suspected that the group has visited recently.

“I made a group of Irish women with thick accents and I had to get close to them as their children went mad.” But he said that they did pay for their meals.

A Chanel store has also had a pair of shoes stolen. A similar group of women who were in the store around the time of the alleged robbery.

Queensland Police confirmed the had received several reports of a group causing a ruckus in places close to the CITY.

Emi Rakowski and Marie Yokoyama from the Bird’s Nest restaurant in Brisbane say they have been targeted by meal scam.

“We are aware of and are following up requests for information. We are looking for other possible similar offences of the same nature.

“Any business owners, with patrons refusing to leave the premise or if they have safety problems, you should contact the police immediately,” a spokesman said.

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