Tesco cancel card credit fraud scare

Getty Images

Tesco Bank has cancelled some of its customers, credit cards, after concerns that a number of account has been compromised.

Users will have to wait until a week before the replacement cards are issued.

The bank said that only a small number of its three million credit card users could be affected, and apologized for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, the customers have said via text message that they will not be able to use their cards.

“For us, the safety of our customers very seriously and take every measure possible to protect our customers from fraudulent activity,” said a spokesman.

“As a result of routine, industry-wide fraud protection measures, we have reprinted a number of credit cards, as a precautionary measure.”

In 2016, Tesco Bank has undergone a large-scale attack of some of its customers ‘ current accounts. 20,000 people had to be refunded.