Oscar: all sisters on earrings

The Academy took the “Form of water”

You can exhale: 90-I ceremony of delivery of annual awards “Oscar” went without hitch, without a hitch. Visible linings not happened, and Jimmy Kimmel, host of the show can count on a contract extension. He was moderately serious, moderately prickly, one not much hurt, except when, in the sex scandal producer-pariah Weinstein, and his assaults on absent of Matt Damon clearly had the character of a harmless friendly joke.

Hollywood veteran Warren Beatty and faye dunaway diligently played the show in the style of deja vu with the final envelope that the audience prudently showed close-UPS – he stood at the scenes on the stand. Let me remind you that last year because of technical officer Beatty and dunaway gave for awarding the wrong envelope, where the winner in the category “best film” was listed as “La La land” and not the real winner is “Moonlight”. Entered the scene of chaos, error, somehow fixed, but the sediment from unimaginable embarrassment spoil the mood of the organizers of the show all year, until this year’s ceremony.

At this time, “Bonnie and Clyde” called the correct winner of the producers of the film “water”. Guillermo del Toro has already been played this evening with a statuette in the category “best Director”, just in case turned the envelope in his hand and showed the viewers saying, look, it’s only fair.

But at the moment I think fans of the film “Three of the Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”, the main competitor of the “Forms of water”, many would have given to hear last year, “sorry, we made a mistake”.

Victory melodramatic fantasy Thriller del Toro, and even awarded prizes for the best work of artists-Directors and for the excellent music by Alexander Desplat, once again confirmed the warm love of the members of the Academy to the fabulous story. Other things being equal (skill, exciting script, the acting) adventure stories with superheroes, aliens and mutants are more likely to “Oscar” than the most convincing and talented realistic drama.

Many fans of black Comedy by Martin McDonagh about a provincial rebel who defied the local police has consoled the two acting prizes. In fact, they were predicted long ago. Named best actress McDormand, brilliantly played the rebel, and best supporting actor Sam Rockwell, who embodied a colorful COP, grown insolent from impunity, did not hide his delight when he walked on stage for prizes. And Francis has arranged something uplifting feminist happening, causing half the room to get up under her shamanic spells.

Almost no one doubted the victory of Gary Oldman in the lead acting category. Man of a thousand faces, he is absolutely unrecognizable in the image of Winston Churchill in the historical drama “Dark times”. His acting success has naturally brought another award – make-up artists, which, in fact, “masked” lean Oldman fat under the British Prime Minister. The audience applauded the Oldman when he said, on the stage, living his 99-year-old mother: “Put the kettle on, I’ll tell her I’m taking home “Oscar”.

For best female actor in a supporting role statuette was handed over by Allison Janney, who played the bitchy mother, the ambitious figure skater Tony Harding in the sports drama “I, Tonya”.

Prizes, that is to say, the second series was distributed surprisingly evenly – all the sisters on earrings. The script, written by the literary work, noted romantic gay melodrama “Call me his name.” And the original script awarded to African Americans Saw Jordan, Creator of the provocative anti-racist horror “Away!”.

The grim dystopia of “blade Runner 2049” marked for cinematography and visual effects. A military epic of Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkerque” won three technical prizes: one for editing and two for sound editing and sound mixing.

The decision of the academicians in the category “best foreign language film”, many are probably disappointed. Because academics “swept” sharp family drama by Russian Director Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Dislike”, which had an excellent American press and has recently received the French césar award. Zvyagintsev remained without “Oscar” for the second time. His previous attempt, the film “Leviathan”, nominated in 2014, were also unsuccessful.

And the winner was the Chilean drama “a Fantastic woman”, awarded last year, one of the main awards of the Berlin film festival. This is the story of Calvary transgender who lost her beloved partner.

It is worth noting the success of the film is the investigation of Brian Vogel’s “Icarus”, which became the winner in the category of feature documentary. It in details describes the state wide doping practices in Russian sports, and the main whistleblower it appears in the film Grigory Rodchenkov, running from Russia which helped the Director himself.