Lavrov called compare stories Skripal and Litvinenko inappropriate

MOSCOW, 9 Mar — RIA Novosti. Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow is ready to promote London in the investigation of poisoning ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal. At the same time, he noted unfounded allegations of involvement in Russia.

He recalled that the death of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, which is also “blame on Russia”, to the end not investigated. According to him, Moscow also offered to help, but British justice “considered themselves above this and it was enough to make unfounded verdict, not exhaustive”. Many of the facts in this case was “swept under the carpet.”

Lavrov stressed that if the UK is interested in Russian assistance on any issue, then Moscow will consider the possibility. He stressed that it is necessary to apply through the existing channels, including law enforcement agencies.

“Russian trace”

The statements of “involvement” of Russia to the poisoning Skripal Minister called propaganda. “It’s not serious, it is pure propaganda, pure whipping up hysteria and hysteria,” — said Lavrov.

He added that Moscow has not heard any specific fact that would indicate her involvement in the incident.

At the same time, the British media are actively discussing the possibility of a “Russian trace” in this case, no specific facts are given. Thus, the newspaper Times, citing sources in the government of the United Kingdom reported that the police and secret service MI5 are considering several versions of the incident, including “attempted murder, sponsored by the government” a personal dispute.

On Sunday, Reuters reported, citing two anonymous sources (the European intelligence services and US intelligence) that the “main line of inquiry of the British that the Russians used the mysterious substance to the assassination of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal”. The message is marked by London and Washington.

At the same time the head of Ministry of internal Affairs of great Britain of amber Rudd in conversation with members of the media refused to answer numerous questions on this topic. “The investigation should be based on facts and not on rumors,” she said.
Versions, hypotheses, and facts

Later a source in power structures of the UK told RIA Novosti that the investigation is considering all possible versions of poisoning Skripal and his daughter, but has not yet allocated main.

The Independent newspaper citing sources said that the security of Britain are hunting for a network of professional murderers, suspects in the assassination Skripal.

As told to investigators, a sophisticated method of attack at Skripal indicates “current or former government-sponsored participants.”

The police and security services do not reveal information about the used in the attack material. According to the source, so almost certainly would need a special laboratory. It may also indicate that the alleged killer could have had access to state resources and detail the planned attack.

On Wednesday the head of the counter-terrorism unit of Scotland Yard, mark Rowley said that Skripal and his daughter, who was with him at the time of the assassination, was poisoned nervously-paralytic substance, they remain in critical condition. Also injured a police officer who worked at the incident — he was in serious condition.

Police Wiltshire on 5 March reported that two people are in critical condition due to poisoning by an unknown substance. Neither the police nor the interior Minister amber Rudd nor the Prime Minister Theresa may, speaking about the victims, never called names Skripal and his daughter. So far the only official who called them names, was foreign Minister, Boris Johnson. Speaking on 6 March in Parliament, Johnson confirmed that we are talking about Skripal and his daughter.

Skripal was granted asylum in Britain after an exchange of spies between Russia and the United States in 2010 when the Russian Federation passed ten people, including Anna Chapman.