Kosachev: Russia can’t hurt US more than it does Congress

MOSCOW, March 6 — RIA Novosti. The President of the international Federation Council Committee Konstantin Kosachev, commenting on the statement by the Director of national intelligence Daniel Coates, said that even if Russia wanted to harm the United States, would not be able to do it “bigger and better” than the current us Congress.

Previously, Coates stated that the Department believes that Russia will conduct in the U.S. “operation impact”, including in the elections of 2018.

“Perhaps, so soon to municipalities will get everywhere, you will find the hand of Moscow. Importantly, not very clear the purpose of all this for Russia. If we wanted to hurt America more than it does the present Congress, we have just will not work. If we wanted to hurt herself, of course, tried to commit senseless attacks in conditions when almost all 17 U.S. intelligence services are watching us. However, once the chief of national intelligence promised, so, the intervention will be. More precisely, it will find” — he wrote in Facebook.

“So what are waiting for reports on how Russia was chosen by parent committees and sheriffs in the United States. By the way, you can start a rumor and that the appointment of the head of intelligence is also not without our participation”, — he said.
The investigation of the “Russian intervention”