“Iran, Iran and Iran.” Netanyahu spoke about the topics of the talks with trump

TEL AVIV, March 6 — RIA Novosti. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called his meeting with US President Donald trump “excellent” and said that its main topics were “Iran, Iran and Iran.”

The talks were held yesterday at the White house, where Netanyahu thanked trump for the unprecedented in his memory the heyday of Israeli-American relations.

“We discussed many important Israeli issues. First of all – Iran, Iran and Iran as it is very aggressive and dangerous. But, thank God, Israel has its own strength, and fearless friendship with the United States. We talked about how to stop the Iranian aggression,” — said the Prime Minister, published on Tuesday in a brief Facebook message to compatriots.

Netanyahu welcomes the intention of the trump to toughen nuclear deal, which in 2015 has concluded with Iran six “great powers”. If you negotiate with partners about collective action do not succeed, the President threatened to withdraw the United States from agreements that are among the most notable foreign policy achievements of his predecessor Barack Obama.

Netanyahu from the very beginning called the deal a “historic mistake”. Then once in fact alone on the world stage, he argued that the agreement not only legitimizes Iran as a threshold nuclear power, but also allow him to extend through the lifting of sanctions, support satellites across the Middle East, including paramilitary groups in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

If the approaches to the Iranian atom noticeable differences between Washington and Jerusalem is left, then the same unanimity of views on the threat of regional expansion of Iran, Israeli commentators do not see. The Jewish authorities wanted a more active U.S. involvement in countering the Iranian military presence in Syria and are disappointed that it is not included in the list of priorities of American policy in the middle East, wrote to the local media ahead of the visit.

“We talked about Syria, about Lebanon, about Gas, about the Palestinians. In fact, we covered all the key issues affecting our safety, our future. I want to say that we have analyzed our brave friendship. Another great meeting,” Netanyahu summed up the results of the summit.

In Washington he also thanked the President for the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the upcoming transfer of the us Embassy there from tel Aviv. Trump did not rule out that will attend the opening ceremony of the Embassy, which is scheduled for may 14 — the day of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel.

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