In the center of Kiev shot from a grenade launcher

Thursday, March 8, in Kiev on Vladimirskaya street, near the National Museum of history of Ukraine, an explosion occurred. It turned out, unknown made a shot from a grenade in a restaurant Leo.

This is reported by the Guards espresso.

In the result of the shot there was a fire, burnt about 50 square meters of the restaurant. To extinguish the fire was caused by several divisions of gschs. At the place of work, police, experts of explosion-technical service, the investigative and operational group.

After some time, a few dozen meters from the blast site, investigators found a spent launcher tube (Tubus). Militiamen establish all circumstances of the crime and the persons involved in it.

Earlier it was reported that in the Moscow metro detained the man with the grenade launcher. In the bag men discovered anti-tank hand grenade and a cartridge of caliber 14.5 mm.