In the Arctic began doctrine submarines US Navy

Submarines will practice maneuvers and ice to collect scientific data

The U.S. Navy began a five-week exercises submarines off the North coast of Alaska.

“Ice exercises – 2018” or ICEX18 will include breakthrough massive underwater vessels through the Arctic ice, and the collection of scientific data.

Such maneuvers are held every two years.

“We constantly check new tactics, techniques and procedures under the ice, and these exercises allow us to do this on a larger scale and together with our British and academic partners,” – said the commander of the Center for the development of underwater weapons rear Admiral James Pitts.

The Navy will establish a temporary camp on the ice in the Beaufort sea about 240-280 miles to the North of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

The camp will consist of portable tents, which can accommodate more than 50 people. It will serve as a temporary command center for ice navigation, testing torpedoes, and research.

The exercise involved a high-speed impact of the submarine “Connecticut” (class “Seawolf”) and “Hartford” (class “of Los Angeles).

They will be joined by the British submarine Trenchant class “Trafalgar”.

They make a few transitions in the Arctic will rise to the surface in the North pole area, will collect scientific data and perform other exercises reported in the Navy.