In Kiev severely beaten by a member of Parliament

MOSCOW, 9 Mar — RIA Novosti. In Kiev during the protests against the building of the Park until he lost consciousness was beaten by the extra fractional Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yuriy Levchenko. About this on his page in Facebook said city Council Deputy Chairman of Kontak.

The incident occurred on the Polovtsian street close to the centre of the capital.

According to Muntaka, the protesters had a conflict with “klechkovskii aunts for improvement”.

“Mercenaries Klitschko hard (unconscious) beat the people’s Deputy Yury Levchenko (still close a few times sprinkled in eyes from the spray, now he has a possible burn). Just took him to the hospital,” — said the politician.

The police reported that the collision occurred during the dismantling of the illegal garages. The guards claim that Levchenko and Contac initiated the conflict, trying to throw a Molotov cocktail”.

“The result was a scuffle, which prevented law enforcement authorities”, — said in a statement to the police.

On the same day in Kiev held the event in honor of the anniversary of the birth of the poet Taras Shevchenko. So, a number of events scheduled in the Park that bears his name. In this regard, the center has about 500 guards to “prevent provocations and crime prevention”.

According to Ukrainian media reports, on Friday morning, protesters against the government broke the monument to Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko in Central Kyiv and intend to prevent the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko lay flowers. However, the situation is calm, no collisions.