How to Coach a customized fantasy Range Rover SV Coupe

Not surprisingly, given the high price of the SV Coupe, 80% of customers have so far chosen to customize his car with a near-endless list of options.

New Range Rover VS Coupe revealed with £240k price tag

To this day, the customers of which there are more than 150 have added between £30k and £100k worth of extras on top of the £240,000 starting price. That makes the more expensive a eye collection £340 000 people. Or you could spend even more, as a client has already done, and the order of the two SV-Cut.

The most expensive option is a new paint color, liquescence, to £30,000.

JLR SVO boss: The Range Rover VS Coupe can take on the Bentayga

The clientele of the clinics have already been held in London and Paris where we saw the car – and will continue in major markets, including the Middle East, Russia and the united states.

Work with local retailers, Land Rover has been picky with his invitations. “They have been chosen because we think they are going to be a hard prospect,” says a Special Vehicle Operations MD John Edwards.

Opinion: Why is the Range Rover VS Coupe can justify its price stratospheric

Once the buyers have committed to a SV Coupe at these clinics, they will be invited to a luxury pod to personalize his car.

We have experienced customer of the clinic in Paris, but there is an on-going basis, with a customization suite to SVO HQ just outside of the city of Coventry.

The centre has been open for two years and 200 products have been created. By SVO Chris Castle said an average customer takes two to three hours to choose the options.

“There are 100 colors of paint, but really the sky is the limit,” said Castle. “We can match anything.” There are also 14 colours of leather trim.

So what have we go to our fantasy VS Coupe? The new duo-tone paint, in which the sides of the car are a different color from the rest of the body. We have chosen the Constellation of the Blue as the main color of the paint, with custom teal paint as the flank of the color. We chose navy leather for the back seats to complete the outside and cream for the front seats. We also went to the new Nautica veneer.

We have avoided what a lot of people have gone for: family crests or initials in the head restraints. There is also the option to burn to select pieces of metal in the car, such as the top of the dashboard and the interior door handles.

Nothing of the paisley motif of a horse’s head have been previously specified.

How do our SV Coupe cost? Around £275,000.

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