Facebook blocked the video Hungarian Minister about the infringement of migrants “white Austrians”

The social network Facebook blocked the video, which the Hungarian Minister tried to convince voters that the inhabitants of Austria live in constant fear of migrants and Muslims. It is reported Bloomberg.

The video was removed on Wednesday with a review of the administration of the social network that this material contains statements directed against people based on their ethnic and religious affiliation. The video was published as part of the anti-migrant campaign by Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Fidesz party in the election of the parliamentary race.

The head of the government office Janos Lazar visited one of the districts of Vienna, to, in his words, to show “all the dirt and crime that brought in the Austrian capital, migrants from the Middle East.”

Also in the video, Lazar stated that migrants are gradually replacing from Austria of the Austrians themselves, and some schools have left the “white Viennese children”. The video ended with a call to vote for the party “Fidesz” to avoid similar occurrences in Hungary.

Lock the video on Facebook Lazar called the restriction of their right to freedom of expression and demanded to restore access.

The Austrian government video Lazar so far not commented. At the same time “Nationalist Austrian freedom party”, supporting anti-immigrant policies in Parliament, said that this video is totally inappropriate.