Blackberry is suing Facebook in patent fight

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Blackberry has filed a lawsuit in the United States Facebook accused of copying features from Blackberry Messenger in a violation of its patent rights.

Blackberry was once a leader in the smartphone market, says Facebook uses the features and technology in its WhatsApp and Instagram apps.

The claims come after the Blackberry has increased efforts to make money from its more than 40,000 patents.

Facebook has said it would fight the lawsuit.

Paul Grewal, deputy general counsel of Facebook, said Blackberry’s claim “reflects, unfortunately, the current state of its messaging business.”

“Refused to renew his efforts, Blackberry is now looking to tax the innovation of others. We want to fight,” he said.

Analysis – Dave Lee, BBC’s North America technology reporter

Blackberry Messenger was the last hurrah of the faulty Blackberry brand – a light, simple program that was very popular for a time with young people. Particularly in the UK, where, you will recall, it was used as the tool of choice for rioters communication during the London riots in 2011.

BBM, as it was called, was in fact a precursor to the popular apps like WhatsApp, but to say that WhatsApp gained its popularity due to theft BBM tech is quite nice and the range.

While the Blackberry Messenger was not to be blocked (for long time), Blackberry device, WhatsApp. And while WhatsApp is not constantly improved, Blackberry Messenger, also.

Blackberry claims that the property functions that are so commonplace in mobile messaging, you will not hold likely once you for features. The small point with the notification of a new message, for example. Or the little icons that indicate that a message has been received and read.

Blackberry, which was founded in Canada in 1984, was. estimated at more than half of the smartphone market in 2009, according to his lawsuit
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It Blackberry Messenger introduced in the year 2005, more than six years, before Facebook introduced a similar service, the action.

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In the suit, Blackberry claims Facebook methods has copied, to notify users about new messages, and tag people in photographs, among others. It says Facebook was aware of his rights for years.

A spokeswoman for Blackberry said the company remains open to a partnership with Facebook.

“But we have a strong claim that Facebook infringes our intellectual property rights, and after a few years of the dialogue, we have to have a commitment to our shareholders, appropriate legal remedies,” she said.

Blackberry stopped making phones in 2016, after a dramatic decline in sales, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nokia in February 2017. That is pending.

The company has also had disputes with other companies