Artist finished Tate about the “lack of respect”

Holly Whittaker

An artist-in-residence at the Tate resigned, accusing the art to a failure of the institution, the survivors of sexual abuse.

Liv Wynter was one of the four artists-in-residence for the schools workshops at Tate London, and galleries for 2017-18.

She said she felt “disrespectful” by remarks made by Tate’s Director Maria Balshaw about dealing with sexual harassment. Critics felt Balshaw was the fault of the women.

Balshaw has apologized, saying it absolutely was not my intention to be that women are in any way to blame”.

Wynter is an artist and activist and describes himself as a survivor of domestic violence.

She took issue with comments from Balshaw in an interview with The Times last month, in the galleries, ” the Director said, she had not yet experienced in person sexual harassment.

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“Then I wouldn’t be,” she added. “I don’t ‘… or something more direct, which was raised to a self-confident women, Please, as I in the case of harassment, would say that’.”

Based on your time as a waitress in the 1980s, she said: “if the men had a bit to drink, they felt it was entirely appropriate for his hand to lift her skirt.” Your answer and the tip, a tray with drinks was about you.

In an open letter, Wynter said she could not make it more image material about the abuse and the survival for “someone who is of the opinion that the abuse I suffered, my fault”.

Balshaw’s comments were “a huge slap in the face,” she wrote.

“I can’t describe to you a personal shame, I feel like I’m a survivor of domestic violence, to work for someone who could think so little of me, while at the same time benefit from my ‘survivorness’ and work, the cars I make.”


After the Times article was published, the campaign group, which We Are Surprised, she said, “the guilt of the offender, the victim”.

In response to one of the group Instgram messages, Balshaw, she said, “I’m sorry if that was misunderstood”.

She added: “To be clear, it is the perpetrators who are responsible for their behavior and not the women who are subject to him.”

A Tate statement said: “she apologized, during an open discussion with the staff, and renewed her commitment to the part, and diversity, in support of the staff.””Really, the vision committed’

In a further statement, Balshaw, said: “in the course of my career I have been dedicated to questions of gender, race, and equality, and I apologize if my recent comments have offended anyone.

“When I was Director of the Tate, I have my vision, to the culturally-inclusive-museum organization in the world, and I am committed to that vision.”

Wynter said, her art had more power, the walls outside of the Tate’s, and the institution must do more to support grassroots activist, artist and movements, “is not integration-friendly or profitable”, Uncut, such as IMKAAN and sisters.

She also said that the institution of art promotes failed diversity, with 13% of the employees as Sundays and every Director knows.

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