A group of senators urged to start strategic talks with Russia

In a letter to Tillerson senators pointed to the need to minimize the likelihood of conflict between the two countries

A group of us senators urged Secretary of state Rex Tillerson without delay to start a new round of strategic talks with Russia to minimize the likelihood of conflict between the two countries.

Senate Democrats Edward Markey, Jeff Merk, Diane Feinstein, as well as independent Senator Bernie Sanders sent Tillerson letter, which expressed concern over the escalation of tension in relations with Russia.

“The need for U.S.-Russian strategic dialogue becomes even more acute in light of President Putin’s address on 1 March, in which he described several types of new nuclear weapons, which supposedly developed in Russia, including cruise missile and ethereal underwater apparatus, which is not currently subject to the limitations under the new start Treaty, and the production of which is adopted can have a destabilizing effect,” say the senators.

The senators recognize that Washington, certainly, there are significant differences with Russia, including over its “blatant interference in the elections of 2016, to continuing violations of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range military intervention in Ukraine and illegal annexation of Crimea and destabilizing actions in Syria.”

“It is precisely because of these political differences, not in spite of them, the United States should urgently start a dialogue with Russia to avoid miscalculations and reduce the likelihood of conflict”, – stated in the letter from the senators.

They also urge the administration to raise the issue of violation of the INF Treaty, to extend start-III and to work to increase transparency in the field of non-nuclear weapons.

All these steps are designed to reduce the likelihood that nuclear weapons will ever be applied again, the legislators noted.