43% of candidates for positions in the White house is still not fixed

The press service of the White house is accusing lawmakers, Democrats and personally Senator Schumer of deliberately delaying the approval process of the nominees of trump

WASHINGTON – Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the second half of the day on Wednesday held a briefing, which noted that, because of opposition from democratic senators, candidates, 43% of officials nominated by Donald trump in the administration after his election as President of the United States, is still not approved by Congress.

Sarah Sanders has called the figure “astonishing” and said that Democrats in the Senate are making a “historical efforts to hinder the ability of staff to function.”

“Tactics of Senator Schumer (who heads the democratic minority – ed.) has led to the fact that the current administration approved for 102 candidates less than before”, – said the press Secretary.

In particular, she mentioned Rick Grenell nominated for the post of U.S. Ambassador to Germany, and Ilim Poblete, which was intended for the post of Deputy Secretary of state for arms control.

According to Sarah Sanders, Senator Schumer “forcibly pressing for a procedural vote on a nominee that takes too much time, and then still vote for their approval.”

After that the representative of the White house was asked about why so many officials have left the administration (only six since the beginning of this year)?

“This administration has been a historic year – said Sarah Sanders, the White house is a place where very hard work, and there is nothing strange in the fact that people come and go. Still we continue to do excellent work and focusareas on the tasks set by the President.”

Commenting on the words of Sanders, the reporters in the courtroom said that it is not normal to the White house there was such a turnover, as it is now. If it is not chaos, asked her how she characterizes such a situation?

“If it was chaos retorted Sanders, I don’t think we could do all that in time. The economy is now on such a rise, which was not for a long time; “Islamic state” put to flight; jobs are being created at a record pace… I think all of this suggests that the business goes as it should”.