White house: trump will not make exceptions to the question of the duties on metals

Earlier, the Pentagon stated that it would be more appropriate to increase duties on imports from certain countries

White house adviser on trade issues Peter Navarro said Sunday that President Donald trump has no plans to make exceptions for any country in the issue of raising import duties on steel and aluminum.

Navarro told CNN that the final details announced 25 per cent duty on imported steel and a 10% duty on aluminium should be agreed no later than 10 days.

Trump’s decision to introduce a new duty on key metals has caused widespread condemnation from the business-oriented Republican legislators in the United States and key trading partners – Canada and the EU. However, Navarro said that the duty necessary “to protect national security and economic security, in the broadest sense of the word.”

He did not agree with the concerns expressed by the representatives of the Ministry of defense, which called for a point increase in duties against particular countries instead of their increase, regardless of the country of the seller.

According to Navarro, trump “listens to all sides and take tough decisions”. “I think it’s the right decision,” he added. White house adviser thinks that you can increase duties against certain countries and to make exceptions for other means to embark on a “slippery slope”.

The most from this decision could hurt Canada, the largest trading partner of the United States. Last year she put in USA aluminum in the amount of $ 7.2 billion and steel in the amount of 4.3 billion dollars. Duties will also hit other US allies – the UK, Germany, South Korea, Turkey and Japan. However, the world’s largest steel producer, China, sends US only 2 per cent of its products and will suffer less.

Navarro said that the US wants to convey to the world a simple message: “We will no longer put up with it. We don’t get good results.” He added that the foreign trade of the United States “is not fair and reciprocal in nature.”