USA and Armenia cooperate in the fight against child abduction

Washington and Yerevan became partners under the Hague Convention on the civil aspects of this problem

March 1, 2018 between the US and Armenia entered into force on inmate in 1980 Hague Convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction. At the moment, the US has 77 partners of the Convention.

As noted in the published on Wednesday the us state Department statement, the Convention provides a legal mechanism for parents seeking the return of children wrongfully separated from them or retained outside the country of residence with a violation of custodial rights. Parents seeking access to children residing in the territory of the partner country under the Convention can also apply to its provisions. “The Convention is important because it provides an internationally recognized legal mechanism for the resolution of international cases of child abduction. The Convention affects not the question of who should be guardian of the child, but where should decide the issue of custody.”

The office for children’s Affairs at the state Department, in whose jurisdiction are associated with the Convention, welcomed the partnership with Armenia and is willing to cooperate with her in this important field.