Trump has promised not to allow Russian interference in the elections

Saying that this intervention “was definitely” in 2016, the President insisted that it did not affect the outcome of the vote

The US President Donald trump has promised that his administration will make efforts to prevent Russian interference in the elections in the US in the future and suggested the possibility of using backup paper ballots for electronic voting.

“I think I’ll have to watch really carefully because you cannot allow the voting system was somehow hacked, said trump during a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Sweden. – We do not allow”.

While critics say the administration makes much less effort than needed to counter the Russian threat, trump said: “We conduct thorough research and come with very serious proposals for the election in November 2018”.

“We will resist any of their attempts, will oppose very strongly”, – the President promised.

Previously, trump has challenged numerous evidence of Russian interference in the presidential election in 2016. On Tuesday, he recognized such intervention, stating that it could also be involved in other, but, according to him, these efforts have not affected the election result.

“The Russians had no impact on our vote – said trump. – But the intervention was definitely, and probably was the interference of other countries and, perhaps, other people”.

Spectacular Robert Mueller is investigating Russia’s attempts to influence the election of 2016 by using hacking emails and so-called “fake news”. The investigation includes any communication between the Russian and the election headquarters trump, although the President and his advisers deny any collusion.

However, Democrats insist that the administration is not doing enough to counter Russian interference in the elections.

“What the administration is doing so little in connection with Putin’s campaign to undermine our great democracy, it’s strange, incomprehensible and dangerous”, – said the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate Charles Schumer.

Trump spoke at the White house after a meeting with Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan löfven.

During the conversation with the head of the Swedish government, the President, trump said that relations between the two countries strong, and they cooperate in combating terrorism and in other spheres.

Earlier, the White house said the two leaders will discuss issues of trade and security. In addition, it is reported that President trump will meet with representatives of the business community of Sweden.

The visit of the head of the Swedish office in the US takes place shortly after trump announced the introduction of new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, which caused concern about a possible conflict in the trading field.

Later on Tuesday, Donald trump and Stefan löfven held a joint conference.

Referring to recent statements about Pyongyang’s willingness to negotiate with the United States, trump said that North Korean leaders seem sincere when talking about it.

Turning to the issue of Russian intervention in the American elections and the threat of recurrence of such attempts during the upcoming mid-term elections to Congress, the President said that the US is exploring ways of protecting the electoral system and intend to resist all attempts to interfere.

In turn, Stefan löfven noted that the Swedish intelligence services are increasing their opportunities to counter attempts to interfere in elections in Sweden.

Touching upon the bilateral relations, the head of the Swedish government said that between him and President trump, there is disagreement on the question of tariffs or of the Paris agreements on climate, but in security matters, they stand United.