Trump commented on reports of possible talks between Seoul and Pyongyang

The President noted that for the first time in many years all parties “make every effort”

The US President Donald trump, commenting on reports of possible talks between North and South Korea, wrote on Twitter: “for the First time in many years, all parties concerned are making serious efforts. The whole world is watching and waiting! Perhaps it’s false hope, but the US is ready to make every effort in any direction.”

Previously, trump has posted on Twitter a link to the material of the website The Drudge Report about the visit of the South Korean delegation to Pyongyang with the comment: “See what happens”.

The South Korean government on Tuesday said it agreed to hold talks with the DPRK on the highest level at the end of April. As reported the press service of the President moon Jae-In, the countries also agreed to establish a telephone hotline between the two leaders.

South Korea also said that North Korea agreed to suspend nuclear weapons tests and missile if negotiations with the United States on the issue of denuclearization of the Peninsula.

In turn, Vice-President Mike Pence cautiously reacted to the latest developments. “No matter how evolved the negotiations with North Korea, we are steady in our resolve,” said Pence, noting that “considered all options (against the DPRK), and our position in relation to the mode will not change until we see credible, verifiable and concrete steps toward denuclearization”.

In a commentary, “Voice of America” a democratic Senator from Maryland Ben Cardin said that the announcement made by Seoul, is “a positive sign”. The legislator urged the administration to trump “to take advantage of this new opportunity.” “We recognize that the only reasonable way to put an end to this crisis is through diplomacy, he begins with the fact that North Korea freezes its current (nuclear) program,” said Cardin.

Advisor to South Korean President for national security Chun Yy Yong said Tuesday that North Korea expressed willingness to hold “Frank” talks with the US on issues related to denuclearization and the normalization of relations between Pyongyang and Washington.

As noted by the correspondent of “Voice of America” nick Chang, according to the adviser of the President of South Korea, Pyongyang has also made clear that the need for the nuclear program will disappear, if they eliminated military threats against the DPRK.

Jung was part of the South Korean delegation, which just returned to the country after a two-day visit to the DPRK, during which was held an unprecedented meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

According to him, Pyongyang also promised not to use conventional weapons or nuclear weapons against South Korea.

North Korea posts Seoul is not yet confirmed.