The policy of identifying people of interest in Bruce Saunders’ death

Police have resumed the investigation into the death of Bruce Saunders, 54, who became entangled in the machine, while helping a woman clear his driveway with two friends in November of last year, in a house in Goomboorian, near Gympie.

Three persons of interest that have arisen in the investigation of the murder, The Courier-Mail reports.

Detectives are now questioning if a love triangle that involves a woman could have been behind the death.

Gympie Police and SES crews carry out a search in the Goomboorian property where Bruce Saunders was killed in a woodchipper in the past year.

Around 40 workers toured the site of the gruesome death of yesterday. According to The Courier-Mail, discovered fragments of human remains, clothing, and parts of what the police believe to be a mobile phone, which came in the vegetation of the crusher.

“We are conducting a more thorough search of the area where the woodchipper was,” Wide Bay Burnett District Detective Inspector Gary Pettiford said. “All there is around 160sq m we are looking for. It is methodical, meticulous work.”

They do not believe that the owner of the property, who was away at the time, had any involvement in the incident.

The machine was discarded as a failure, with the Inspector Pettiford confirm that it was configured in such a way that if a user is dropped, could not be taken directly to him.

“Nothing was wrong with the machine, including all the features of safety,” he said.

The incident was originally treated as an accident, with the police, believing that Mr. Saunders, of Bundaberg, became entangled in the branches before getting dragged into the woodchipper.

“It’s just a tragic accident … there is no suggestion of foul play,” acting Inspector Paul Algie said at the time. He had died “within a couple of seconds.”

Detective Inspector Gary Pettiford addresses the media after the Police announced the gruesome woodchipper death of Bruce Saunders is being treated as suspicious.

It was around 7.40 pm on Sunday, November 12, and Mr. Saunders was chopped of the branches with the woodchipper when I was starting to get dark.

It was his third weekend helping “as an act of good will’ to a woman who had been recently widowed.

Working with Mr. Saunders on the property, which is about 200 kilometres north of Brisbane, in a varied agriculture of the district, there were two other adult males.

Mr. Saunders was caught in the woodchipper and died.

Gympie Police Acting Inspector Paul Algie said later after visiting the property, which was “one of the worst scenes of incidents that I have ever seen”.

But after the interviews of the two men and other witnesses, detectives raided the property last month and seized “items of interest”.

Inspector Pettiford said Gympie detectives were contacted by people who knew Mr Saunders had suggested his death could not have been an accident.