The McLaren of Senna,” is not going to run’

The McLaren has no intention of taking his new Seine hypercar racing, company boss Mike Flewitt has confirmed.

Senna was tipped to be the car McLaren would return to frontline GT racing, with the development of a GTE (Grand touring Endurance) the version that would pave the way for McLaren to return to compete at the Le Mans level.

The Seine has been created with the intention to be a focused tool that is optimized for track use, and it has now been seen in two ways McLaren will be offered in: standard, model for the road and the track, the GTR version revealed today at the Geneva motor show.

It is understood that the GTR was the priority, to appease the customers that missed the first batch of Sennas and also because of the increased financial returns that the project would offer to the development of a GTE race car to the current rules.

Flewitt said McLaren is “not going to the race:” the Seine, and through the Automotive division of the head or the McLaren F1 arm, which is open to other types of racing (as proven by Fernando Alonso Indy 500 attempt in 2017), but not on the hunt for a World Endurance Championship (WEC) – and, then, at Le Mans, the entry with the Seine.

“This is the whole concept,” said Flewitt on the two Sennas created to date. “It is the fastest road-legal track, and allows us to take things as light weight and massive downforce to push the boundaries. Make a track, the version is a typical McLaren thing to do.”

Flewitt said that the company could use the Senna name in the future again, but that is unlikely and there are currently no plans to do so.

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