The case against me and Prosenik started only because of the desire of GPU to expel the us from the case of Yanukovych, Gorodinsky

The case against the lawyer Alexander Horoshevskogo and his colleagues Olga, Prosenik made only on the basis and at the request of the General Prosecutor’s office to force them out of business for treason of ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. This statement itself is a human rights activist did in the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Gorodinsky said that it was the cause of the conflict lawyers: “He (Viktor Yanukovych – ed.) was scheduled four free lawyer. Three of free lawyers fulfilled their oath, acquainted with the materials, no questions arose. The fourth lawyer, who, in our opinion, works in favor of the prosecution, it all actually happened. I appeared in court as a defender under contract with Viktor Yanukovych, and then powers free attorney is automatically terminated in accordance with the requirements of the law. However, free counsel did not fulfill the oath, the requirements of the law and not left the courtroom”.

But then MP Mustafa Nayem asked the GPU with a query about the pressure on the state attorney. “The initiation of criminal proceedings against me and Olga, Prosenik caused solely on the basis of and at the request of the Prosecutor General to expel us out of business. That is, we lawyers under contract, are uncomfortable with lawyers, and the prosecution will do everything that we to prevent in case,” – said Gorodinsky.

Gorodinski convinced that the criminal case is “an extreme measure”. A lawyer has a number of questions about the investigation, and most importantly – how it can hinder advocacy angelina, if he only appealed on behalf of his client in the qualification and disciplinary bar Commission. Angelin is no longer attorney of record Jankovic, said Gorodinsky.

The lawyer explains that for four years he studied the circumstances of the case and collected evidence and testimonies. The information he has, and is ready to provide it in court “is not in favor of the current government,” he says.

“When I appeared in court with eight volumes of evidence that I intended to bring to the materials of the petition and protect the client’s interests, it is clear that I am not a lawyer. Force me wrongly expelled from the courtroom and brought criminal proceedings. So therefore the GPU is deprived or trying to get the prosecution to put pressure on their opponents,” – said the lawyer.

We will remind, Yanukovych defends a team of lawyers led by a senior partner of the Association “AVER LEX” Vitaly Serdyuk. Their profile – as they say – highly specialized and complex cases. Earlier it became known that after the request of people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem, the Prosecutor General’s office brought the case for two lawyers ex-the President Alexander Horoshevskogo and Olga, Prosyanyuk.