Seoul to Pyongyang sends high-level delegation

After two days of discussions, the special envoys will inform about the outcome of the U.S.

The President of South Korea, moon Jae-In on Monday will send to North Korea a special high-level delegation to discuss ways of improving inter-Korean ties and reduce tensions on the Peninsula. On Sunday it was reported in the presidential administration in Seoul.

“The delegation will hold a broad discussion of several issues, including the creation of conditions for dialogue between North Korea and the USA”, – told reporters the representative of the President Yoon Yong Chan.

This mission can be complicated because of the planned military exercises; warned by the official North Korean news Agency KCNA, Pyongyang will “oppose the U.S.” if they will hold joint military exercises with South Korea in April.

A delegation consisting of ten people, headed by the head of the National intelligence service of South Korea With Hoon and Advisor to the President for national security Chun EUI-Yong.

After a two-day visit to North Korea South Korean special envoy will travel to the US to inform American authorities about his discussions in Pyongyang.

Sending a delegation to Pyongyang, moon Jae In responds symmetrically to the decision of Kim Jong-UN to send high-level delegation, including his sister Kim yo-Jong, at a recent Olympics in Pyeongchang.

It was the first visit of the representative of the ruling family of North Korea to South Korea since the Korean war of 1950-1953.

North Korean officials said the South Korean leader that they are ready to resume negotiations with the United States, but President Donald trump responded that such negotiations will occur only “under appropriate conditions”.

Speaking Saturday night at a traditional dinner in the club “Gridiron”, which was attended by journalists, President of the trump in its filled with jokes, the monologue stated that he did not rule out direct talks with Kim Jong-UN, but North Korea must first “denuclearization”.

It is unclear whether this means that the official negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea close to reality or trump joked.

“As for the risks associated with dealing with a madman, it is a problem [Kim Jong UN], not mine,” added trump.