Searches at the Islamic cultural center in Kiev related to the possible misconduct of individual citizens, not the center – the Prosecutor’s office

Kiev. March 7. INTERFAX – Kiev Prosecutor’s office stressed that investigations in the Islamic cultural center in Kiev aimed at identifying the possible misconduct of individual citizens, and not the activities of the center.

“The information spread by some media about the alleged persecution of religious organizations from the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s office is not true. Investigations that were conducted March 6 at the premises of one of the religious centers, were based on the definitions of the Podilsky district court of Kyiv and in strict accordance with the requirements of the Criminal procedural code of Ukraine”, – said the press service of the Prosecutor’s office.

In particular, the conduct of all investigative actions have occurred with the use of video recording in the presence of witnesses and taking into account the internal regulations of the center.

“Investigative actions aimed at detection and disclosure of possible misconduct by individuals and in no way related to the activities of the centre as a social or religious organizations”, – assured in the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s office.

As reported, early Tuesday morning the Ukrainian security Service raided the premises of public organizations in Kiev and Poltava in connection with the possible distribution of works containing propaganda of violence.

“The results of the searches of the seized works containing propaganda of the cult of violence, cruelty, racial, national or religious intolerance and discrimination, as evidenced by the conclusions of the expert studies as well as other types of literature, which will be assigned to the examination. The total number of recovered specimens is about 100 units,” – said the Prosecutor’s office.

For his part, the head of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah” said Ismagilov says that the security forces during the search was planted banned books in the bookstore on the territory of ICC in Kiev.

“Company security officers together with witnesses divided into several groups, and the security guard (center – if) physically could only be with one group. While it is at the request opened a library and a gymnasium, another group with a crowbar broke down the door to the bookstore and conducted a search there without representatives of the Islamic cultural center. Was planted in the bookstore and in the teachers ‘ room in school total number of eight books, which are then presented to the guard as seized evidence,” wrote the mufti on the page in “Facebook”.

In addition, according to him, held parallel to the search in the apartment responsible for the library of Sheikh Tariq Sarhan, “where the freezer was planted two books, and then seized and presented as evidence.”

“I declare about the systemic persecution of Muslims of Ukraine, because such searches are less than a year, happen a third time. And throw the same book. I’ve never heard anyone, except Muslims, religious buildings were searched,” said S. Ismagilov.