Rolls-Royce showcases bespoke, division of creations

Rolls-Royce bespoke division, that brand executives have said previously, the Bus is used by almost every single client, is the display of four cars at the Geneva motor show.

The most distinctive is the Dawn Aero Hood, which covers the rear seats of a convertible to a bridge, to the rear of the spurs, mimicking a traditional two-seat roadster in the back of the bridge. The tray is removable, leather-lined, and mostly made from carbon fiber and aluminum.

In a nod to the history of the brand, the first of the tailor-made, short-wheelbase Ghost is called ” The man Tourer. It has custom exterior paint, with gunmetal gray for the body and the satin silver finish to the bonnet. The two-tone scheme is a nod to a client’s interest in aviation, and the paint has been specifically developed for this car.

The next Ghost, named, “Whispered the Muse’, makes use of his table edge “gallery”, behind which the owner can choose to display the works. The work of the designer Helen Amy Murray is shown in this car, with the folds of the silk, representing the tissue which runs behind the Spirit of Ecstasy. The design continues into the tissue of the lining of the door. Some of the interior trim is finished in rose gold, as it is the Spirit of Ecstasy, a first for Rolls-Royce.

On the outside, Rolls-Royce has used a ” crystal effect finish, for which ten layers of paint are applied, as well as a layer of clear-coat infused with glass.

The third Ghost is called ” A Moment in Time, and the features inside the gallery, a piece of aluminum modeled on the shape of the length of the silk suspended in the water. Unique veneer of color to the interior, outside painted to match.

The last Phantom was launched at the end of last year, with first deliveries to customers took place in January. This is the first car from Rolls-Royce of new aluminium architecture “luxury” background, on which all the Rolls-Royce of the generation to come.

That includes the next Cullinan – the brand’s first SUV and its first four-wheel drive of the car. This will build on the Phantom of the appeal, being of the same size and design to the Rolls-Royce of the staple of saloon. The Cullinan will not appear at the Geneva motor show, but should be revealed soon, given that the sales should start before the end of the year.

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