Revealed: The young women most important positions meth plot

Norma Zuniga Frias, 25, had to be at the gallery air space in Sydney’s inner west on Friday night, however, the Mexican national was behind bars with a friend of Rose Thomas, also 25.

The couple has been loaded the day before, after a raid in the Marrickville house where the woman lived. The raid came after the Australian Border Force intercepted 24kg of ice hidden in a shipment of eight-speaker, bound to Sydney address.

The origin of the speakers was Mexico, a country Australian officials have foiled 200 drug similar plots in the past two years.

Neither applied for bail or entered pleas to the charges when their arguments have been heard at Central Local Court last week.

Norma Alicia Zuniga Frias, 25, and Rose Thomas have been arrested in the past week.

Ms Frias has been charged with importing and possessing a commercial quantity border controlled drug, while Ms Thomas was charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of ice.

“The exhibition goes hard to explore these uncomfortable and difficult ‘taboo’ of our staff and the socio-political life,” Ms Frias wrote on Facebook days before her life was turned upside down. ‘Which include installation, photography, drawing, performance and digital media, the artists share their points of view on the matter, and invite you to reflect on your own.”

He moved to Australia in the month of April of last year from the Mexican city of Guadalajara and is due to return to Mexico for a short visit in the month of June.

His portfolio includes several works with sexual themes and that focused on gay rights. Some published examples online are works with nude women.

Works of art of Ms Frias has been published online.

Another Ms Frias.

You and Ms Thomas has also started a business last year called Chicken Sox, a company that wanted to “provide colorful and fun socks in the perfect length”.

Ms Frias is understood to have designed the Chicken Sox the products that she told friends that she and “Rosie” hopes to be able eventually to sell at the international level.

It is not known when she and Ms Thomas met, however, to have visited the United States, Europe and Tasmania together.

Speaking of seizures, last week, ABF Superintendent of the Aviation Heritage Brett Totten, said that the Mexican drug syndicate has tried to hide the drug with a well-developed layer of aluminium foil.

Border Force officers found methamphetamine hidden inside imported speakers. Image Provided by ABF

The drugs were hidden inside speakers like these.

An X-ray of the game has shown inconsistencies, despite the presence of a layer of silver foil, the ABF has believed was an attempt to defeat the security scan.

“During the examination, ABF officials found a plastic box that has been wrapped in carbon paper and a layer of silver foil audio speakers in what has been a deliberate attempt to defeat the X-ray technology,” he said.

“The plastic box was found to contain a substance white crystalline that is a positive result for methamphetamine.”

Photos released by the ABF to show how the drugs were hidden.

Ms Thomas will next appear in court on the 23rd of March, and Ms Frias is listed to appear on the 9th of May.