Putin told about what “FIB” Melania trump

MOSCOW, 7 Mar — RIA Novosti. President Vladimir Putin admitted that the little “FIB” to the spouse of the President of the United States Melania trump and wife of Italian Prime Minister Emanuele Mauro, talking about their record catches on the fishing.

A short conversation with the Russian leader, the first lady of the United States and Italy took place at the forum of G20, which took place in Hamburg on 7 and 8 July last year.

“Told more about Russia, Siberia, about fishing. But of course, as in such cases usual, I FIB a little about the (catch. — Approx. ed.). When talk about fishing, how can you not FIB? Told them about Kamchatka, about our wildlife, about bears in Kamchatka, about the tigers in the far East”, — said Putin in the film “the world Order 2018”.

He also remembered how he described in General terms women demographic programme and measures to support motherhood and childhood. According to Putin, a politician’s wife was surprised by the amount of maternity capital.

to download a videocopy the linkcode to the Siberian vacation Putin: spearfishing for pike and fishing “Said they, in what areas it can be used, which implement there more tools,” the President added.

In 2018 Russia is monthly payment on the birth of first child (she will be granted until the child reaches one and a half years), and the opportunity for families to get paid for the second child of means of the parent capital. The volume of state support for this program will be 144,5 billion over three years.